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E-books are here and have risen to the forefront of publishing. Creating quite a stir and giving many books a chance to shine, this new format is on the move. Whether you love print and only print, consider the impact and the readership expansion ebooks offer.

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How to Create an eBook With Free Tools - A Tutorial

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Selling eBooks Direct: How to set Up A Simple eBookstore

14 Tips for Good Kindle Cover Design


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The Secret of Why KDP Select Members Have An Advantage

Cheap Ebooks Crowd Bestseller List

The Essentials Of Indie Success

The End Of Content Ownership?

Kindle and Amazon Encore News

Why 99 Cent Ebooks are A Bad Deal For Authors

10 Common Errors Formatting an eBook

7 Tips On How To Sell Books On Kindle

B&N Nook Has 25% of U.S. Ebook Market

The New Normal of Publishing

The New Way of Publishing - The Wild Wild West

How Do YOU Measure Success?

Sony Daily Edition eReader Goes High Calibre

The Writer's Guide To ePublishing

Indie Book Lounge

How To Publish Your eBook

Kindle Nation Newsletter

Kindle Nation Weekly Digest

Kindle Nation Daily

Independent Authors Forum

Publishers Weekly - January (2011) eBook Sales Soar

When Self Published Book Design Goes Bad

How the Ebook Reader's Bill Of Rights Benefits Authors

Kindle and Nook readers Bash high Ebook Prices

Ebook Lending Takes Off

Kindle: The Results of Lowering Prices

What Happens If eBook Prices Drop to $1 to $5 Range?

Ebook Piracy May Have Unexpected Benefits for Publishers

What Authors And Readers Need To Know About Ebooks

Ebooks: Could you be the next self published star?



You can also download "Be The Monkey" for free, from either Barry Eisler's or J.A. Konrath's webstores.

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