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The best writing advice, tips, and knowledge can come from other writers. Below you will find many articles from other writers and published authors. Learning the industry and the craft of writing can come from many of the sites and articles presented here. If you have an article, post, or resource to share please use the contact page and submit the URL.

Articles, Tips, and Advice On Writing

Writing Rituals

Post-Apocalyptic vs. Dystopian

Tips For Staying Focused On Your Writing (this is too funny! and too familiar)

The Purpose of a Critique Group

Story Frame: Story Planning For First Graders

This Is Dedicated To All the Pansters Out There

What I Learned About Teen Readers

The Isolation of Writers and Scientists

Reading Like A Writer

Tuesday Tip: Rejections

Collaboration: Three Rules You Can't Break

Mystery Writer's Guide To Forensic Science - Paternity Tests

Do You Want Validation For Your Writing?

Submitting Advice

Inspiring Quotes from Famous Authors

Craft An Exceptional Elevator Pitch (for your book)

Writing Tips from Twitter Authors/Writers

Roller Coasters and Writing

Why Many Writers Are Reclusive

The Writers Cave

Simplistic vs Tangled Plot Structures

Institutionalised sexism of high literature

Cool New Way To Read Blog Posts

7 Tips For Building A Writing Habit

Tips on when to get and how to use reviews

Modern Library's 100 Best English Language Novels

Must-know twitter Hashtags for Writers

Writers In A Changing World

Before Paper, Pen, and Keyboards

How Do You Slow Down Time In Your Prose?

Are You A Cookie Cutter Writer Or Something Else?

See What No One Else Sees

Celebrating Milestones

Thoughts from Anne Lamott on avoiding perfectionism

Write, Revise, Rinse, and Repeat

How To Create Sympathetic Characters

If Your Character Is Missing A Shoe, Try Finding its Match

How Being On A Diet Is Like Writing A Book

Mystery Writers Guide To Forensic Science: Collecting Evidence

5 Writing Tools to Carry In A Conspiring Universe

How to form a quick revision list for your weaknesses

Non-Techie Blogging

Creative Writing Exercises

When You CAN Use A Hyphen

Is There Life After Freelancing?

Copyright: What You May Not Know

Are You Too Young Or Too Old To Query?

Writing With Depth

Do -It-Yourself MFA

Permission To Use Copyrighted Materials In Your Book

The Ups And Downs Of Short Story Competitions

Be Your Writing Self

50 Famous Travel Spots Every Literary Geek Should See

Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine

How To Create A Writers Resume

How To Write A Nonfiction Summary

Writing Tip: Checklists

10 Ways To Organize Your Book

Typing vs. Longhand: Does It Affect Your Writing?

Research and Setting: It's In The Details

The Writer's Workout

Time Investment

Characters: The Shadow Archetype

Power, Purpose, And Proportion In Your Midpoint

Plotting vs. Writing

What Is Voice?

Getting To Know Your Protagonist

Word To The Writer: Evaluation

Querying The Cliche

Mystery Writer's Guide To Forensic Science: Linguistic Fingerprinting

3 Must Have Reference Works For Writers

To thine own self be true (for writers)

20 Acclaimed Authors and Their Unique Writing Rituals

Smashing Writer's Block To Bits And Pieces

Avoiding The Dreaded Info Dump

Editing For Your Agent - The Process

Word To The Writer: Listen

How To Write A Great Query - free ebook

Great Tips For Your Author Photo

Mystery Writer's Guide To Forensic Science

Writing Steampunk Archetypes

Editing Made Easier

Does Your Villain Have What It Takes?

Querying Partners

A Writers (many) Hats

Best Practices For Writers

15 Tips To Strengthen Your Story Structure

Embrace The Digital

Learning How To Pitch

Mystery Writer's Guide To Forensic Science - Body Identification

Write Like You Mean It

Exposure - a concern for writers?

How To Write A Memoir

Crafting Character Likability

3 Steps For Improving Your Critique

Thoughts On Word Count In Your Writing

Mystery Writers Guide To Forensic Science: Collecting Evidence

Current Children's Book Trends

Discussion Post: Teens and Parental Censorship

Summer Strategies for Writer Moms (and Dads)

How To Get Your Favorite Author To Visit Your Home Town

When An Author Meets His Critics

The Perils Of Turning Your Mother Into Your Novel's Main Character

Seven Books On Writing For Every Writer

The French Revolution As You've Never Seen It Before - As A Graphic Novel

Naked Words: Our First Language Is Poetry

A Library Without Librarians or Books?

Famous Authors and Their Typewriters

Monday's Writing Tip: Engage The Senses

One Star Reviews - A Reader's Weapon

Description, Gestures, and Action Tags

Writing Tip: Finish the first draft

The 11 Most Surprising Banned Books

Once Upon A Backstory

Mystery Writer's Guide To Forensic Science: DNA Profiling

Education: The Secret to Successful Writing

Writing: An Unexpected Form Of Therapy

Why You're Getting Rejected

Literature is important for the Nation Civilization

Read like you mean it

Are you branding? If not, why?

Becoming A Better Writer... Without Writing

Would You Turn Down $500,000 To ePublish Your Book?

Guide To Literary Agents - Passing Along the Wisdom

Writing Past Our Weaknesses and Why We Should Do It

Writing a Novel Synopsis That Rocks

The Hijacking of Original Language

Beware The Backstory

Time to unclutter your manuscript?

Secret Recipe for a Novel

5 Principles for Generating Ideas

21st Century Learning and Reading

Apple's Tablet and the Future of Literature

What's Good About Being Unpublished

Mystery Writers Guide To Collecting Evidence Part 6

Why Certain Scenes Have To Be Perfect

Writing Prompts (Writers Digest)

Tips For Crafting Dialogue

Can You Write A Publishable First Novel?

5 Tips For Squashing Self-doubt Demons
Are first lines in your manuscript important or not?

How To Use Commas and Appositives

The Authority of Experience (Write What You Know)

POV - Second Person

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Begin Your Story

Qualifications Of A Writer

There's More To POV Than Meets The I

Word To The Writer: Polish

Getting Defensive Over Your Work Isn't Always Bad

Defining Grace (as a writer)

All Literature Begins With Geography

Goal Setting For Writers

Resource Roundup: Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

Does Your Story Have A Hypothesis?

Simple Ways To Make Dialog Tags Disappear

Don't Be A Lazy Writer

Accountability (in your writing)

Writing Tip: Become Your Own Critic

7 Lessons from The Youngest Readers

3 Things To Consider Before You Revise

The Key To Writing Success

Do Your Friends Hold You Back?

5 Things I learned About Writing from Santa Claus

Is Your Novel Real?

Writing Short: A novelist's guide to short fiction

Using Cliffhangers In Your Stories

  Character Care

Should You Protect Your (Writing) Bubble?

Got Writerly Questions? We've Got Answers

Raising Expectations

How To Prepare for Interviews

A Great POV Cheat Sheet

All About The Voices In Our Heads: Characters

Conquering Cliches

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Resist the urge to explain:

Characters: The Trickster Archetype

Redefining Success

Does Alliteration Ever Help?

Deepening Your Character's Needs

Your Role In A Critique Group

Your Role In A Critique: Part 2

Is Attending A Conference
Worth  Your Time?

The Writing Desk (writing links)

The Great Prologue Debate

Rewriting: Polished or Perfection?

POV: Third Person Omniscient

Lesson From The Pros: Harness the power of the simile

Is Mean Blogging The Writing Style of the Future?

How Do YOU Measure Success?

Interview With Agent Suzie Townsend

What Is Copyright and What Does It Do?