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In the constantly changing world of publishing it's important to keep up to date with the latest events. This page will serve to highlight some of those headlines and give authors a better understanding of what's happening. Keeping apprised of the latest news and media reports is vital to success.

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News and Media Reports

November 2012 -

Booksellers Resisting Amazon’s Disruption

Simon & Schuster Steps Into Self-Publishing

October 2012 -

News Corp eyes cash bid for Penguin: paper

Random House and Penguin Merger Talks

Pearson Confirms Merger Talks

Random House and Penguin Merger

Amazon Books Are Borrowed Not Bought

August 2012 -

Publishing Is Broken, We're Drowning In Indie Books - And That's A Good Thing Helps Crowdsource Book Events

Hack attack exposes major gap in Amazon and Apple security

Kindle eBook Sales Have Overtaken Amazon Print Sales

July 2012 -

Could Riffle be the Pinterest of Book Discovery?

The Agent (as sort of) Publisher

Wiley Gets $7,000 for Pirated eBook

May 2012 -

The Broad Strokes of the Hachette, HarperCollins and S&S Price-Fixing Settlement

Penguin and Macmillan Reject Price Fixing Charges

Apple's Antitrust Reply On eBooks: 'We Benefited the Public'

Stop the Presses: Half of Self Published Authors Earn Less than $500

Amazon Bans Junk eBooks

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Files for Bankruptcy

April 2012~

Justice Dept. eBook Lawsuit Against Apple, Publishers Advances Towards Settlement

Some Big 6 Publishers Refuse to Sign New Contract

Cut In eBook Pricing is Set to Shake Rivals

U.S. Sues Apple and Publishers Over eBook Prices

DOJ Sues Apple Over Price Fixing Scheme

An Independent Publisher Speaks Out

Daring To Cut Off Amazon

March 2012~

The Author's Guild - Grim News

Justice Dept. Prepares to Sue Apple on eBook pricing,0,2856101.story

Library Association asks Random House to reconsider massive eBook price Increase

Libraries feel sticker as cost of ebooks rise as much as 300%

February 2012~

Ebooks Democratize Publishing

The Down Low on Exclusivity Clauses

Amazon to Open Book Stores

Books A Million Won't Carry Amazon Titles

The Cult of Amazon Prime

January 2012~

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to Distribute Amazon Books

Barnes and Noble Will Not Stock Books Published by Amazon

Barnes and Noble - Taking On Amazon In the Fight of its Life

NYT Imagines a World Without Barnes and Noble

Amazon's Hit Man - Businessweek

NBC Launches Book Publishing Arm, NBC Publishing

Apple: Bids To Own Publishing Future

Tablets, eReader Ownership Jumps to 19% in U.S.

Apple's Questionable License Agreement

Apple's Textbook Creation App

Audio: E-book Sales And Self-Publishing

Video: Barnes & Noble Tumble 20%

Video: Lessons to be learned from Kodak and B&N

2011 is the Best Holiday Ever for Kindle;lst;6

Audio: The Ebook Menace in the Land Down Under

Audio: A Self-Published Author's $2-Million Cinderella Story

E-books sales surge after holidays

The authors who are going it alone online - and winning

Forget e-books – the point of the Kindle is for essays

Amazon One Step Closer to Brazilian E-book Launch

Apple launches e-textbook tools with new iBooks

Hewlett Packard opens doors to its HP Labs UK research base

Publishers And Booksellers See A 'Predatory' Amazon